Install VMware-mui at ubuntu 8.04

By human

Just like another application, after successfully Installation and running-well.
The next step is monitoring.

For vmware server, linux edition, the produsen of this application, make webtool monitoring, called management interface or vmware-mui.

This tools can be downloaded at the same page as download vmware-server. At that page you can read as Management interface

Management Interface.
The VMware Server Web-based management interface. Install on your VMware Server system to enable control from a Web browser. Includes downloadable VMware Server Console installation files.

With this application, we can control the guest host at our vmware server machine, it can start/stop the guest machine, and look the guest system configuration.

This articel use vmware-server version 1.06.

  1. Before install vmware-mui, make sure the vmware-server has running well.
  2. Complate the vmware-mui required package
    apt-get install apache2 libxi6 xfsprogs
  3. Change the bash system
    rm -f /bin/sh
    ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh
  4. Extract the vmware-mui packcage
  5. Running the instalastion script
  6. Start the service
    # /etc/init.d/httpd.vmware start
       Starting httpd.vmware:                                              done
  7. After installation finish, you can login at webbrowser with your vmware-server ip at port 8333
  8. The result

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