Ubuntu: please use a kernel appropriate

By human

Paling sering gagal kalau install ubuntu server di vbox. (host xp pro dengan guest ubuntu server)
Padahal untuk ubuntu desktop tidak ada masalah.


Selalu muncul pesan error “unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu”

Sepertinya ada simsalabim di kernel ubuntu edisi server.
Untuk mengatasi ini ada opsi yang harus di enable-kan.
Contoh di bawah memakai virtualbox 2.1.4 dimesin xp-pro.


Enable PAE/NX This setting determines whether the PAE and NX capabilities of the
host CPU will be exposed to the virtual machine. PAE stands for “Physical Address Extension”. Normally, if enabled and supported by the operating system then even a 32-bit x86 CPU can access more than 4 GB of RAM. This is made possible by adding another 4 bits to memory addresses, so that with 36 bits, up
to 64 GB can be addressed.

Some operating systems (such as Ubuntu Server) require PAE support from the CPU and cannot be run in a virtual machine without it. However, enabling this setting currently has no effect on how much memory can be assigned to the virtual machine.


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    heheheheheheeeee, untung ada artiel ini, kalo kaga bisa mondarmandir ngistall ubuntu server terus di vbox, hahahahahah

    thanks berat pa redkurawa

    ditunggu tutor yg laennya,

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      thanx….bro….really helpfull…:)

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