Mikrotik: L2TP Ipsec connect to XP

Keinginan untuk membuat koneksi yang lebih secure, mau tidak mau membuat bongkar google dan forum.mikrotik.com.

Permisalan, kita akan membangun koneksi ipsec dari pusat ke cabang, ip private yang akan dibangun dan

step-by-step prosedurenya:
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Squid Delaypools

(migrasi dari geocities.com/adilinux)

Another useful squid feature is delay pools. Conceptually, delay pools are bandwidth limitations – “pools” of bandwidth that drain out as people browse the Web, and fill up at a rate you specify – this can be thought of as a leaky bucket that is continually being filled.
This is useful when bandwidth charges are expensive like in indonesia.
Delay pools provide a way to limit the bandwidth of certain requests based on any list of criteria. The idea came from a Western Australian university who wanted to restrict student traffic costs (without affecting staff traffic, and still getting cache and local peering hits at full speed).

To enable this, configure squid with the –enable-delay-pools option. There are 3 classes of delay pools – class 1 is a single aggregate bucket, class 2 is an aggregate bucket with an individual bucket for each host in the class C, and class 3 is an aggregate bucket, with a network bucket (for each class B) and an individual bucket for each host. Read more »